FAQs & Tips

Are minors welcome?

Voicebox welcomes minors (guests under 21) until 9 pm on Mondays-Thursdays. On Fridays-Sundays, minors are welcome until 7 pm. Our hours have been altered slightly due to COVID-19, please check individual location pages for more information. Due to alcohol regulations, if your party includes minors, there can be no alcoholic beverages in your suite. Anyone over 21 is welcome to enjoy an adult beverage in our lounge.

What if I need to cancel?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of karaoke. In order to ensure that your cancellation is received in time, please notify us before 4 pm on Monday through Friday and 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Voicemail messages are checked by the Guest Services team prior to opening each day. If you booked your reservation online, please follow the link in your confirmation email to cancel online.

If you cancel more than one day in advance, any catering or other prepayments can be used as a credit for a future reservation. If you cancel more than three days in advance of your party (72 hours, to be exact), we’ll gladly refund any catering or prepayments.

Can I bring decorations?

Feel free to decorate your suite with posters or banners; please bring your own blue/green painters’ tape. We do ask that you don’t bring in confetti, glitter, feather boas or silly string, as they can become a permanent part of the box. Because of COVID-19, we are asking guests refrain from bringing balloons. Please note, the window on the door cannot be covered.

Tips for first-timers.

Our entire vibe is based on new people experiencing karaoke in a brand new way. And it’s not rocket science. It’s just singing. But here are a few tips from the seasoned song suite pros that’ll make your experience even more memorable.

1. Put your heart into it.

Choose a song you have an emotional connection to and the performance will just be that much better.

2. Become a storyteller.

Can’t hold a tune? Doesn’t even remotely matter. When you sing like you’re telling a story, that’s hit record material. Think Bob Dylan.

3. Focus on your friends.

The best performers get the crowd involved. And even though this isn’t Madison Square Garden, it’s a pretty big night. Even if it’s just a Wednesday.

4. The eyes have it.

Scan the group, look at your friends and everyone feels more included. Which means you’re more applauded.

5. Forget the mechanics.

So you messed up a lyric. So what? Laugh it off and they’ll laugh with you. Then just pick it back up after the chorus, Doris.

6. Don’t strain your range.

Use Voicebox’s key-shift feature to drop or raise the music into a key that works for you.

7. Relaaaaaaaaaaax.

The beauty of Voicebox is you’re among friends. They’re rooting for you. They’re cheering for you. So, get up there and just do you.