Make your birthday memorable. Sing.

There’s nothing like your own private karaoke suite to help create a night to remember. Call guest services or book your box online today!

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Also, check out our Group Rates and take your birthday party up an octave with cake and insanely good apps—book your Food and Drinks today, so when the big night arrives, all you have to do is sing!

“Seriously stellar experience. Even if your voice sounds like a raspy old smoker and you couldn’t hit a note if you tried, you will have an amazing time with a bunch of friends at Voicebox.” ~Ashley Rose S., Portland, OR

Reservations Q&A

  • What can I expect at Voicebox?

    Every event and every group is special to us. Expect incredible service from the moment you get in touch to long after your party leaves. We don’t just want to be the best karaoke lounge, we aim to be the best host. Ever.

  • What exactly is private suite karaoke?

    For events big and small, each our private suites come equipped with a flat screen TV, two microphones, remote-controlled song selection and attentive, personal service. Or simply pop in and take a break at our lounge, have a snack and sample our sakés or cocktails.

  • What do I need to do to make a reservation?

    Good question! You can book your party completely online here. Or if you’d prefer to talk to someone, please fill out the reservation request form or call us. Our Guest Services team is available to help with your future reservation Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM, plus Saturday and Sunday from 11AM-2PM.

  • Are families and young adults welcome?

    Of course! We host special parties for families, weddings, birthdays and young adults (Sonic Youth). Minors must depart by 9pm Sundays-Thursdays and by 7pm on Fridays & Saturdays.

  • How does payment work?

    You will be billed for the time that you book, so make the most of your singing session and arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Checking IDs and answering any questions you may have is a matter we take seriously, and we’d like to have ample time to make sure we’re on the same page before the festivities begin. Plus, it’s always easier to browse the food and drink menus when you’re not in a rush to sing your tune. For group rate parties, payment will be tendered on one check, payable by up to three cards the day of the reservation. For individual rate parties, guests will start tabs at check-in with the host for their karaoke time, food and drinks. We are not accepting cash at this time.

  • Do you offer catering?

    Yes! We offer a selection of appetizers, snacks and more substantial fare for parties large and small—see our Parties page for ideas. Please contact us at to discuss options for your event. We ask for at least ten day’s notice for catering orders.

  • Do you allow outside food?

    You can bring a dessert such as cake, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, etc. for a birthday or special celebration, but we do not allow guests to bring their own outside food. Also, some suites have plenty of space to spread out, and others don’t. Let us know what you’re planning. We’re here to help.

  • Do you have my song?

    We have more than 20,000 English songs that regularly keep parties rocking for hours on end. We also have 50,000 more songs spanning 11 languages so everyone can pick their favorite track. You can search for songs here or on your mobile phone at If we don’t have your favorite song, please let us know. Just fill out the form at and we’re on the case. Please keep in mind that there are some rare and out-of-print songs that are hard to find, but we’ll do our best to find your track.

  • Should I choose group or individual pricing?

    As the organizer of the party, you can choose to take advantage of our group rate, or have each guest pay the individual rate. The group rate could mean a savings of up to 50% on your suite rental when compared to the individual rate. Please note that the group rate can be split on a maximum of three methods of payment. If you’d prefer that each guest handles their own charges, use the individual price. Please let your friends know in advance if you’d like everyone to pay the individual rate, and we will arrange the payments accordingly.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of karaoke. In order to ensure that your cancellation is received in time, please notify us before 4 pm on Monday through Friday and 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Voicemail messages are checked by the Guest Services team prior to opening each day. If you booked your party online, please refer to your confirmation email for a link to cancel online.

  • What time should I arrive?

    In order to make the most of your singing session, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the time you’d like to start singing. We want to get your party started right and it does take some time to properly check IDs and start tabs. If you arrive at 7:00, we can’t promise you’ll be in full party mode any sooner than 7:15.

  • What if I'm running late?

    Please call Voicebox before your start time and let us know when you think you’ll arrive. It’s good karaoke karma, and it guarantees that we keep holding your suite. If your start time comes and goes without a peep from you, we may give away your suite to a hopeful party on the wait list—but not before giving you a call.

  • What about tipping?

    A reservation at Voicebox is more than just a space to sing, it’s a full-service experience. In addition to food and drink service, your server is there to maximize your karaoke experience. Most of our guests show appreciation for this service by including a tip on the value of their karaoke suite rental in addition to the food and drink tip.

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