Hosting a Young Adult Party

Voicebox Karaoke Young Adult Party

Perfect for Teens, Kids and Families


    • If you’re hosting a party for kids 14 or older, an adult chaperone is not required. For younger kids, an adult must be present during the entire party.
    • We love hosting family parties and events for young adults. Minors are welcome any time before 9pm Tuesdays-Thursdays and any time before 7PM on Fridays-Sundays, and as a family-friendly business we make sure you have the privacy and comfort you expect.
    • Regardless of age, we’ve found the following tips to be very helpful.

Food & Snacks

✔ Do bring cake, cupcakes, brownies, etc. “Finger friendly” sweets (cupcakes or cookies) work best at Voicebox, freeing up a hand to hold a microphone.
✔ Review our in-house menu in advance. It can be found here.
✖ No outside food is allowed in Voicebox, except for celebratory desserts. You may bring your own plates, forks, napkins or purchase a cake kit for $10.
✖ Don’t bring outside beverages of any kind, including soda, coffee and water. We supply every suite with pitchers of water, and offer sodas and juice for sale.


✔ Balloons, banners, posters and streamers are great decorations for the suite, just don’t attach anything to the art work.
✖ Please don’t bring confetti, silly string, feather boas or glitter as they become a permanent part of the suite.
✖ Please don’t tape onto our murals or use anything other than painter’s masking tape to attach things to the wall. Also, please don’t cover the window on the door.


Song Selection

✔ Review our song selection with the guest of honor prior to the party. Our song lists can be found here: Songs & Playlists. It’s best to come prepared with up to 30 songs, as our songbooks can be pretty overwhelming for the kids.
✔ Be proactive in your child’s song selection process, as some songs might not be appropriate for certain age groups. We defer to you as the parent/chaperone to help choose the best songs for your party.

Other Tips

✔ Stay safe! Please make sure that everyone keeps their shoes on during the entire party.
✔ Do take a break in the lounge! Children are welcome in our lounge area. However, no children are allowed to sit at the bar.
✔ Feel free to enjoy an adult beverage out in the bar area. OLCC regulations state no alcoholic beverage can be taken into any of our suites if there are any minors (people under 21) in that suite.
✔ Get in touch with us before your party if you have any questions or concerns!